The Lexium 32 range is enhanced by the addition of two servo motor series:


- Lexium BMH motors with medium inertia

- Lexium BSH motors with low inertia

At very high power density the BMH and BSH motors cover torques from 0.5 Nm to 88 Nm.

The moment of inertia of the new Lexium BMH is higher by the factor of 2.4 as the inertia of the Lexium BSH.

With a constant motor size, the permissible load inertia increases and shortens the time needed in high-load operation.

The BMH motor is designed for a variety of applications that require a stable load matching with a simple and universal drive configuration.

The BSH-engine is the best solution for highly dynamic applications.

Both motor families are flange compatible.

Each of the motors can be equipped with a wide range of options, such as with different types of windings, drive shafts, connection types, holding brake and IP protection.



The 3-phase steppermotors BRS represent precision, strength and robustness and are characterized by a high power density.

Cause of the high holding torque in the most cases a gear can be eliminated.

The stepper motor drive is by its excellent synchronization characteristics for applications such as scanning or exposure ideal.

At low speeds there is a lot of torque available.

Therefore, the stepper motor is particularly suitable for short-distance position such as during labeling.

Therefore, the stepper motor can be used for automation tasks such as pick and place and feeders.



EC motor

The EC-motor program consists of two sizes with a power range from 56 to 370 Watt and torques up to 0.8 Nm.

So that the motors are suitable for installation in equipment technology and in industrial plants.

With the right drive motor amplifiers, the program expanded to become a universal and compact drive unit for the controlled speed and torque operation.

Besides the standard products with many additional options we are developing for Standard Equipment manufacturer to request customized EC drives with customized features.
The EC motors are characterized by a very high efficiency. High output power and torque are achieved with smaller size.

In particular, can often be dispensed with a transmission by the available torque. The motors are available with low or high self-holding torque, which may be waived in many cases a holding brake.

The integrated Hall sensors are used as an economic generator system used for commutation. For higher positioning and velocity resolutions are equipped with optical encoders or resolvers is as integrated sensor systems available as an option.

If high torques required to be fitted, on request spur gear and planetary gearboxes are available.


For motors with integrated controller you have to look up  Here





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